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Wisdom teeth

Do I have to take them out?

Many patients need to have their wisdom teeth removed, while others can keep their wisdom teeth for a long time without any problems.


In our practice, there are three reasons to remove wisdom teeth:

  1. Infection - Wisdom teeth that are not completely erupted can get infected since they are often hard to keep clean. These infections are caused by the naturally occurring bacteria that inhabit your mouth.
  2. Cavities - If you have a cavity in a wisdom tooth, it can often be difficult to treat. If your cavity is large, and the tooth may need a root canal, removing the tooth is often a better choice.
  3. Periodontal disease - When treating periodontal disease, the goal is to keep your teeth and gums clean. Wisdom teeth are often the hardest teeth to take care of and keep clean and they can often compromise the hygiene of your entire mouth.  Patients with periodontal disease may need to have their wisdom teeth removed in order to protect the remainder of their teeth.

If you are unsure, ask Dr. Qadri at your next appointment and he can help you figure out the best choice for you.