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Dental x-rays

Are they necessary especially given the exposure to radiation? 

One of our top goals at our practice is to maintain radiation safety and minimize radiation dose to our patients. We use the latest in radiation monitoring and protection, including thyroid shields on our lead aprons and rectangular collimation. We utilize the ALARA principle – we keep radiation exposure As Low As Reasonably Achievable.


We are constantly asked how often dental x-rays are needed. Our office protocol follows American Dental Association recommendations for adults:  we obtain a full mouth series of x-rays or a panoramic film every three to five years. We also take less comprehensive checkup x-rays at every 12 months. Dental x-rays help us identify cavities at their earliest stages and infections sometimes even before the patient can feel them. Early diagnosis helps us to more appropriately treat patients and prevent more aggressive dental pathology. 


Please remember that the overall dose of radiation from dental x-rays is less than what we receive on a daily basis from just walking around (background radiation).  In summary, dental x-rays are one component of keeping your teeth healthy. If you have any further questions or hesitations, Dr. Qadri will be more than happy to discuss this with you at your next visit.